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You studied all of this below?

First let's all understand that the initial demand was $848,000, in response to Dr. Paul's initial and simple request!

Here are the starting points: - 13 pgs.

and - 52 pgs.

The complaint sections especially which deal with grounds for establishing existence and quality of property; then the genesis of the action and it's initiating facts; the requirements for action and the grounds for action, etc. I think any reasonable person, especially liberty educated, will see through the smoke of propaganda and discern the real core issues. Most that has been written on this has been sadly based on disinformation and ignorance.

Understand the issue in common law and just law, then reviewing the annexes which do provide much supporting law and contracts.

I am hoping to provide something from one of the top trademark attorneys in the USA, who is also a liberty and constitution patriot.

Freedom unites. If we clarify the issues we will be united once again. I have found no grounds for condemnation of Dr. Paul. It is sad that parties involved did not carefully weigh their options and their natural influences.

Demanding $848,000 for Dr. Paul's simple request was unconscionable! It is not even a good joke.