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It's not a personal domain

It's not a personal domain name and 250k is not at all exorbitant. I suspect that if Ron Paul wanted to pay full price he could easily have made it back between the domain name and the email list they were offering.

That said, Ron Paul does not have to pay this much. It is his name, which also happens to be a public figure with a copyright, and it is being used with his name and likeness without his permission. This case is absolutely cut and dry. Regardless of how people feel it "should" be, this is how it is: You cannot just register any domain name. You do not have the right to register a trademark. If you "snipe" a domain in this manner and steal it from a trademark owner, you are absolutely committing a crime and you do not have a right to that domain.

That is the law as it stands today, and I suspect Ron Paul will easily get his domain back. If the owners were smart they could have profited off of this without trying to screw Ron Paul, everyone could have won. Instead they will end up with legal fees.