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Get Used To Manipulation

> "This fits with me thinking that they will have one more sell off."

Just one? That's all? You've been saying the same thing for 4 or 5 years, that it's just one sell-off here or one more sell off there. But it's not. J.P. Morgan can sell off almost anytime they feel like it (and, of course, they have).

And who's going to stop them again? Surely not the CFTC (or the SEC).

Quote #2:

"In other words, the CFTC has gone along with the silver manipulation because the minute it ends, the agency will be under the spotlight. That’s the real reason the CFTC has dragged its feet on anything that would end the manipulation."

Correct, exactly my point. The manipulation isn't ever going to end. There is no legal structure in this Country to make it end. J.P. Morgan has pretty much free reign to rig the market however they like. They can do what they want, and choose when.

The system is manipulated by design, and there is no end to it. There is no one "final sell off" here, just like there is no "final QE" either.