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We will see

You claim the name was rightfully and legally obtained.
Yet in his complaint Paul has cited law and precedents from the courts that suggest it is not lawful.
The legal complaint complete with cites is at the bottom of the techdirt article, I would suggest reading this and researching the cites and precedents.

RON PAUL is a trademark, does not have permission to use this trademark to compete with Ron Paul in the market place, which they do. claims to be a non commercial fan site, yet when confronted with the trademark issue they reacted like a commercial site. Cant have it both ways. is,in fact, selling goods with the Ron Paul name on it putting them in direct competition with Ron Paul, a clear violation of US trademark laws.

Do a little research on Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts and you will find they have already won this exact case in US courts. The law supports Ron Paul's claim.

Rule of Law