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Don 't evade my question

I did not ask if *making* soap is cheaper than buying it.

I asked if YOU can *sell* YOUR soap to customers at a price that is CHEAPER than other companies.

If you cannot, then you MUST have something ELSE you can point to that your customers will perceive as BETTER VALUE than the other guys.

I assume you cannot, which is why you must claim that others are using "slave labor." Maybe they are, or maybe they are using labor that gets paid less money because they are in an economy that gets paid less money.

If you can prove it, then that could be a reason for people to buy from you instead of someone else. That could be what it takes to get enough business to turn it from a hobby to a business.

But that is not happening. Why are you unable to make your case to enough people to where they choose your product over someone else's?

If the reason is because the market is not big enough for the product you want to make, then tough sh*t. Most businesses fail.

OTOH, if the reason you can't get more sales is because some government employees are conspiring with the bigger soap makers to make their product seem like a BETTER VALUE, despite any allegations you might make, then I will agree with you that you are getting ripped.

BUT ... that is corporatism that is ONLY possible due to BIG GOVERNMENT.

Tell ya what. Let's try an experiment. You go out and form a corporation with your state for your soap business.

Then, let's sit back and see all the privileges that get thrown at you. You won't get any. And that's because it is NOT the incorporating that does it. It is the crony corporatism by those who are POLITICALLY CONNECTED that does it.