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You see that is how

You see that is how YOU would act if it was about your domain name, not necessarily how everyone or how anyone SHOULD act given the situation. He has no obligation or even responsibility to explain trademark laws or domain name dispute procedure or anything else; all he's doing is protecting his name and this is the procedure to do it. Furthermore, in your last reply to me, you said that he can AFFORD to educate us because he's so famous: that to me sounds like you think that only because he can educate us that he should, you're imposing this on him.

As for the FRN: Ok I has assumed (wrongly) that you agreed with some here that Ron Paul is betraying his own principles by following standard procedure. I apologize and I simply wanted to draw an analogy on how we all use FRN (almost by obligation) but that it doesn't mean that we aren't principled regarding sound money.

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