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Wasn't there another

Wasn't there another individual about 6 months to a year ago in California who was a former law enforcer of some kind that ended up running into the unpopulated areas L.A. or San Francisco to get away? He had not killed anyone; I think he had information that somebody didn't want to get out. Had something to do with Russian diplomats (may have been in San Francisco) that he and another American individual had information on about possible false flags? Does anyone remember this? I remember one news site said he had told them they were all crazy and then took off. The news had his wife or girlfriend urging him to come home. The other American I think was arrested on some other charge, but he also had the same information as the first guy. Last I had heard, the guy took off into the hills and law enforcement went after him. I never heard anything else. I just remember someone whom I know hearing about that story said the guy was good as dead because of the information he had and going into the hills was not going to help him because if something did happen to him, there most likely would be no witnesses. Does anyone remember that? Just curious.