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You're mixing two different

You're mixing two different issues. One is the claim that they intentionally deceived supporters to profit from incoming traffic. Clearly that's not the case. In fact, it's the opposite: they helped Ron Paul Inc profit from their traffic.

The other is the profit motive. Just because you're a supporter, doesn't necessitate signing over your last will and testament or, you're not a real supporter. You can still profit from market opportunities and support Ron Paul. They're not mutually exclusive.

They're sitting on a $250k valuation. They put time, effort and creativity in to pushing traffic to Ron Paul's official sites. Five years / 250,000 - taxes / owners is a minimal sum.

If people are so high and holy in their support of Ron Paul, let them mortgage their homes to pay for it. Why demand other people forfeit their property?

What have some of you been listening to for the last four years?