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Comment: In your case, it was a punitive monetary award.

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In your case, it was a punitive monetary award.

Which was my point. It is possible to pierce the corporate veil, and an LLC isn't a corp. This is done by proving that the owner mixed personal affairs with that of the business, or set out with bad intent, personally. That has no bearing on the discussion. Just because it can be pierced in limited circumstances doesn't make it ok.

However, you did not prove that anyone was held criminally responsible.

If you watched the documentary (clearly you did not), they actually cite a number of them. I will do a quick google and paste in a handful of ones that pop up. I am personally aware of many, but those aren't likely to be the ones to pop up (because there are SO many) and would rather give you some stuff to read.

Seriously, the fact that I have to do this google to prove something that is in the news almost everyday, just disturbs me a bit.

Some of the list on their is silly (guns), but most are valid. And prove that without real direct, individual intent, the companies can pretty much get away with murder as the cost of doing business. They are willing to do this because the cost/benefit tells them it is ok.

I can go find more, or you can watch the references in the documentary.

Even if/when they get held responsible for their actions, no one will go to jail. Their will be a fine, and life will go on.

Most people would call this manslaughter or negligent homicide:

They call it an unfortunate blunder and life goes on.

Bayer killed how many?

Oh, that sucks... Had to pay some cash again. Most people would consider this a case of First Degree Murder.

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