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So ...

... should government have limited liability as to its employees?

Should YOU have limited liability as to being an employee of someone else's company?

Should YOU have limited liability in any way, shape, or form if you lose a lawsuit?

How would YOU survive if 100% of your income were taken for a judgement, possibly lasting several years?

Yes, in my examples harm was transferred to the plaintiff. But you are not so naive as to believe that every plaintiff who wins received a just verdict, are you?

Should there be ANY limitations as to liability within society?

Do you think O.J. Simpson committed a double murder? One jury said yes; one jury said no. What do YOU think? What would you say if you were the one who lost in a case where you KNEW you were right?

What if YOU were the one who got sued for millions for serving hot coffee? What if YOU were the employee of McDonald's, and YOU served that coffee, not knowing it was over some arbitrary temperature, and YOU got sued because all employees can get sued?