Comment: You can do all of that BUT ...

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You can do all of that BUT ...

... all the government has to do is pass two laws:

"No person shall engage in crowd funding." They can define "crowd funding" any way they want. They can define "person" any way they want. They can set any penalty they want.

And ...

"No person shall use any bank or bank-equivalent other than those that are federally chartered or state chartered."

Bingo. You are now engaged in an uphill fight that will eat up your time and other resources.

THE ONE BIG PROBLEM is that the government is too damn big. The employees of the government do not uphold their oath of office. They violate the highest law in the land.

So, a good place to start is to INSIST on enforcing that document at all levels. That is what Ron Paul has tried to do for 40 years.

It may not be an ultimate answer, but it is a good place to start, and it is understandable by anyone who cares to read the document.