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I suggest nothing.

Which is the second reason I do not label myself ancap.

To theorize, guess or try to solve what humanity will do is the job of governments, politicians, and other malcontents.

My job is to bring freedom in the ways that I can. And what people do with it is their business, as is the only real definition of anarchist.

To try to say, I believe in no state but think things should/would be X is to diminish the statement of the first.

I believe in markets because they are a fundamental law of nature. If people chose to voluntarily control markets, that is also no business of mine so long as it is all voluntary.

LL, personhood are not voluntary because they require an externality, and a -default- contract be in place. These things require a government to exist.

Now, if a group of people decided to only do business with one another, and behave like fascist idiots, it wouldn't be my place to stop them. But I won't participate or support their actions. It would eliminate the -default- nature of the contract, because to be a part of that community would require foreknowledge, and if they wanted to leave it, they could (in theory).

Same goes for personhood (it's a fantasy, invented by government, as most things are that it does).

Those are theories which inform my belief on current law. I apply my purist principles to what we have to work with. Which says that LL and personhood are a perversion of nature.

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