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Nice comment

I was going to express something similar.

I have read the host of varying answers to the question that this thread poses, but I feel that all of them while relevant, tend to be selective and only encompass part of the problem. I think that if you want to get right down to the core of the issue, it really does as Libertyrose is suggesting boil down to consciousness.

The government, the economy, the wars etc, can't happen on their own. They require the infrastructure that all of their participants provide.. i.e us ! IMO every action has a cumulative effect, and everything is connected.

When enough people move away from the isolationist world view where everyone is considered separate and it is each man for himself, when the majority of people start to realize that the benefit that something has to EVERYONE is more important than its economic value, and when they recognize the importance and relevance behind the suggestion to love thy neighbour as thyself, then the governments / economy etc will start reflecting this philosophy.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.