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Comment: They could make those laws

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They could make those laws

but they just lost in the courts in getting crowdfunding stopped. As I wrote below, the SEC wanted to place the same restrictions on these 'investors' that it has in place on traditional investors. So, that's unlikely in the short term at least.

However, even if they did, people would just move to partnerships and such. I think the game is up on the stock market. Too many people are waking up and realizing that they have paid through the nose (both the owners and the investors) for so-called 'financial services' that a computer could do instantly and for free.

So, either way, businesses will soon begin to run from institutional investing and IPOs because they can avoid the massive running overhead that it costs. And when they do, one of two things will happen. Either the owners' profits will soar or those profits will be split to include higher wages and lower prices. Either of those will help return the market to sanity and lower many social costs.

And by selling products that no longer rely on perpetual growth (to satisfy perpetually greedy investors), people can again choose quality over disposable products. And that, in turn, results in lowering the overall lifetime expense of a family in the exponential manner I described above.

This much, I believe, is inevitable with or without government intervention of either type.

Did you see the section where I show the numbers of 'new recruits' that are needed to win any 'awakening' movement? I think that explains why after 40+ years, no progress has been made.