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As I understand it, the

As I understand it, the registrant of is not "Ron Paul" nor do they have any ownership of "Ron Paul" as a trademark or brand. They do not have Ron Paul's permission to profit off his name nor do they compensate him via licensing for any "Ron Paul" items that they have sold using his name. Surely all those items would have gone unsold if it was not for them putting Ron Paul's name on them and using which probably confuses consumers about whose site that is. It didn't always say "fan site" up at the top.

They claim to be Ron Paul supporters, but they apparently offered the domain to him for $800,000 then dropped it down to $250,000. If they truly were Ron Paul supporters they would have given the domain name to Ron Paul for use in the 2008 & 2012 campaigns.

Essentially, they are trying to sell his own name to him online. There is no doubt they are trying to do that as is a site about Ron Paul.

The law in the US changed in 1999. No longer can people try to sell domain names to the owner of the trademark or even personal names. This is usually considered to be a bad faith use of the domain.

They could have kept running it as a Ron Paul fan site & probably would have been fine. But to try to sell it to Ron Paul is where they went wrong.