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Comment: Morality and virtue are ALIEN to governments.

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Morality and virtue are ALIEN to governments.

Unless you count "obedience" as a virtue. All governments are founded on the principle that some men may rightfully control the lives, liberties and property of other men, without the consent of the latter. That, I submit, makes them evil by definition. It's as rare to find a moral and virtuous man in a government as it is to find a virgin in a whorehouse. Ron Paul being the exception who proves the rule.

War is, and has always been, the health of the State. People faced with death and destruction tend to look for *someone* to protect them from aggressors -- and they have been raised to believe that "government" is (or can be) that protector. It's nuts. It's Like, they want someone to protect them from bullies -- so they go up to the biggest, baddest bully they can find, and ask him to please protect them from bullies. (Oh, and please be nice.)((Not bloody likely.))

Until men outgrow or unlearn this particular insanity, the oppressors will continue their game of musical chairs, one villain replacing another, world without end. The meek shall once again inherit the dirt.

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