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Caressing the hope

I know it's still premature to do more than just caress the hope for it, but...

I still believe in the foundations. And their texts.

If we ever manage to get this country standing back on feet and on the ground, I've already mentioned several times a big part of Congress' irresponsibility and being prone to bribery is: rent-seeking.

One of the few things I would propose to change (once the restoration is well kickstarted) is Congress', and Senate's tax payer-paid compensations:

I'd bring those to ZERO.

They want to do politics? They'd have to have a self-sustaining job and income FIRST to FUND THEIR OWN commitment to their function, in time and efforts, by THEMSELVES.

When one has A SURE, GUARANTEED tax-payer paid source of income, it never takes long for the immoral ones to lay back and quietly wait for their checks and/or bribes NO MATTER how much, if at all, they care about the bills they are supposed to review and vote on.


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