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Boys Town

The current pope is not very likely to be the only pope aware of child abuse by elements of the catholic clergy. Although possible, I don't even think this current pope is the only pope to possibly assist in suppressing knowledge of the LONGSTANDING allegations against the catholic organization. Christianity isn't the problem since being a Christian means being adopted into the SPIRITUAL family of God through His sacrifice as Jesus Christ. Organizations created by humans * in the name of God ARE the problem since the leadership nearly ALWAYS becomes corrupt over time. Regardless, someone in a very high position globally is likely behind the resignation of this current pope. We'll see who or what takes his place.

* I know. I know. Some people consider the source of such organizations as being of God. I don't since the Protestant canon clearly emphasizes the spiritual rebirth by Grace, not the obedience to rituals of organizations. Yes, I was baptized and partake in regular communion, but the number of rituals are minimal just like limited government should be. ;)