Comment: Who the f*ck

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Who the f*ck

really believes that Ron Paul is not subject to criticisms by his supporters, simply because he is "Following Agreed Upon Procedure for Blah f*cking Blah!"? Does it really matter?... is that the real argument?... this guy is a tool.

Dr. Paul should have the decency to pay fair market value for Ron 250,000 sounds pretty f*cking generous... regardless of whether or not there exists some bullsh*t process through UN policy, to settle disputes regarding domain names.

Would this same Jackoff defend Obama the same way, if it were discovered he was holding United States Citizens indefinitely in secret prisons without trial? Would he say "Well he is just Following Agreed Upon Procedure regarding possible Terrorist Blah the F*ckety Blah!". Way to completely miss the point Jerkoff.

Ron Paul should be more gracious to the people for whom he owes a GREAT DEBT. F*ck these idiots who bend his ear and "inform" him of what he should do... (I'm only speculating, of course). This should not even be an issue... seriously... what the hell is wrong with Dr. Paul?...

Dr. Paul, Please settle this amicably.