Comment: I still don't understand how

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I still don't understand how

I still don't understand how so many of you can say how corrupt the vatican is, cite all the horrendous acts they have committed (and still do) around the world. You know they are a fraud! but yet you still read and worship the book they fabricated. The god Nero created by combining all other god beliefs into a universal god under one emperor. That book was written, fabricated, re written buy countless Catholic monks. And it can only be interpreted by the catholic church as there was no other Christian church in existence for at least a 1000 years. They wrote the book, they decided what was to go into it and what was cast out and burned. So tell me how any person who calls themselves christian can follow a book but not the author who wrote it? Dont you think if they meant it to have any other meaning than they interpret into it now that they would have changed it to see fit??? The creation of christianity by rome was so successful that now everyone believes they can profit from it. If you think anything I write here is lies then your just a sheep who cant open their eyes to read some of the countless books written in history. Learn your history.