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Comment: oh "legally"?So then youre

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oh "legally"?So then youre

oh "legally"?

So then youre in favor of welfare, right?

Cause "legally" that single mom has a "legal right" to some of your paycheck.

I thought we were talking whether or not RP is right or wrong, not simply predicting whether he will win a legal case.

Mah bad.

My Prediction: he will win the case.

Additional Prediction: Poor people in some of the states that decriminialized pot will be scucessful in lobbying the government to make it their "legal right" to pot and that if they can't afford it, someone else is buying it for them.

EDIT: Are you familar with the concept of someone disagreeing with current law and making the argument that: "Current law is wrong!"?

It seems your counterargument to this point is: "But...but...but... it's current law".

"Yea, no shit. it's current law and it's wrong. If it WERENT current law and just some dudes bad idea that had no force behind it, i wouldn't really care to correct it, now would i?"

Anyone interesting in having the ethical discussion now?