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Comment: Would be interesting

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Would be interesting

If the current owners of the domain would offer full disclosure on issues like:

Has Ron Paul or his representatives made any offers to them. I heard RP offered $50,000 for the domain name and they turned it down.

Does Ron Paul want the actual website and member list or just the domain name? I would think that most if not all the people on their list are duplicates of those on lists RP already has. The content on the site seems to be nothing but merchandise for sale with his name and image and cut n’ paste news articles, so I doubt he wants the actual website.

What is the $250,000 price they’re asking for based on? How much did they pay for the domain name when they bought it; How much profit have they made per year since the purchase of the domain; Where does the profit come from (advertising revenue? sales on the Ron Paul paraphernalia they sell? Selling their member list to other parties?); have any other parties attempted to purchase the domain and if so, what prices did they offer?

Apparently, Ron Paul himself held the domain name for many years, but his reps forgot to renew ownership. I understand that according to rules related to domain names, anyone can buy any available domain name — “snooze, you lose.” However, the current owners claim to be Ron Paul grassroots supporters who did him a favor by buying the domain (keeping it out of the hands of those who’d use it to smear or discredit him).

Obviously, Ron Paul doesn’t approve of them holding the domain as he wants to use it himself. Now, they’re actually using it to smear and discredit him (what they were supposed to be protecting him from) for merely utilizing the only dispute resolution available to him which they agreed to via contract when they bought the domain. This leaves them in a problematic situation…they’re passing themselves off as Ron Paul supporters while smearing him and withholding a domain for what appears to be an inflated price that is actually his name. Sure, they have a right to do it, but they can’t have it both ways. They’ll probably lose a large percentage of members and traffic, not to mention their supposed reputation as grassroots supporters if they keep it up. I doubt they’ll get the $250,000 they want, so refusing the $50,000 they were offered looks like cutting off their nose to spite their face to me.