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Just a question for you,

since I don't want to be accused of being a "sheep who can't open their eyes...". If the Catholic Church created the New Testament (which is patently false because many of the writings in it predate the actual inception of what we now call the "catholic church"), why then did they translate the books into latin, a language which most of the common folk could not read or write? If they made it up to control and fool the masses, wouldn't they have done so in a language that the common folk could read and understand?

On the other hand, if you wanted to use scripture which was written by other people (like the apostles and others who actually did write the books of the New Testament), wouldn't the only way to decieve the public be to put it into a language that they couldn't read or understand, that way you could tell them it says and means whatever you want, and no one would be the wiser (which is exactly what the catholic church did).

To put my question in much simpler terms,if the Catholic Church fabricated the entire NT, why use a language that most couldn't read or understand and forbid the flock from reading it and interpreting it for themselves?