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Comment: The Problem & The Solution

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The Problem & The Solution

Problem: Big Business & Uneducated/Immoral People try to get as much as they can, for as little responsibility as they can, from the government.

Where should the line be drawn between FREEDOM & SECURITY ?
How FREE should people be allowed to be?
How free CAN they be and still be protected from threats - Foreign & Domestic ?

The more (perceived) threats there are, the less free the people become.

Solution: Lighthouse Education.
The government will not solve it for the people. The people must be the ones who demand the solution, but they won't demand the solution if they don't know what it is. Every courtesy the government extends to the people - is taken advantage of by most. Every leniency extended to big business - is quickly devoured and more help is demanded.

All parties have been corrupted: the People; the Businesses; the Government.
The rest of the people (most of us) refuse to get entangled in an alliance with the Government -> they just live their lives happily & independently.

And THAT is the way out. The Ron Paul way. You put your head down, get to the business of your life - and live the most kick ass life you can. And along the way, when people come across your path and they ask about your story -- when THEY ask YOU for your story -- that's when you educate.

Find Your Passion - and Go Live it. Stop waiting for the Government or anyone else to change.

As bad as you think things are right now - even as the economy is operating at this moment - we can all be living out our dreams. No one is stopping you from getting a job, or starting a business, or learning some new skill you've always wanted. Maybe you need to move, or meet someone else, or do something else, or go somewhere new -> IS YOUR DREAM WORTH IT? Is the future of the country worth moving out of your shitty little town? (any town is a 'shitty little town' if your dream lies beyond it)

There's a tendency to come here and read about all the little things around the country and the world that are "off" or "unfair" or could be "signs of an impending government takeover and reinstitution of slavery."

What do you think Alex Jones & Ron Paul are doing? They get PAID to pay attention to this stuff - they enjoy it. Ron Paul is smiling ALL THE TIME. Alex Jones is having fun ACTING half the time at least. His rants aren't genuine -> it's a RADIO SHOW. But he's interested in the information -> it's his passion.

The solution is: Find YOUR unique, personal passion -> and go SET THE EXAMPLE.