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INCORRECT... did not lapse

In response to the video:

First, I agree about the domain name dispute resolution process as described in this video. Ron Paul is going about it correctly. That's simply how the domain dispute process works.

However, the domain name DID NOT lapse.

The domain name registration shows a creation date of 22-NOV-2000. What that means is that while it may have been transferred to other parties, the domain has been continually registered since 22-NOV-2000.

Campaign For Liberty could not have let the domain lapse, because CFL did not exist back in Nov 2000. was sold at auction for $25,000 back in January 2008. Also before the Campaign For Liberty existed. The Campaign For Liberty was founded on June 10, 2008. could not have been let to lapse by Campaign For Liberty staff or anyone else.

Here's a link to a forum thread back in January 2008 discussing when the domain was listed for sale on eBay and when it sold for $25,000:!

Personally, I tried to acquire as well, directly from the guy who owned it, approximately a week before when it was listed on eBay. I had just learned about Ron Paul and wanted to secure the domain (so detractors could not get it) and I would have either setup a page with links to RP's sites or simply contacted the campaign to transfer the domain to them. Another individual named Ron Paul owned the domain name prior to when it was sold on eBay in Jan '08. That is what was expressed to me via email. That other Ron Paul had an agent represent him in selling, which they proceeded to do on eBay. I still have the emails from both the other guy named Ron Paul as well as emails from the agent who handled the sale.

So, just so this is all clear, as far as I understand it, did not lapse but was rather purchased on eBay in January 2008. The domain has been continually registered since 22-NOV-2000.