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"What about when your arbitrator is one of the parties on the

dispute? Why is a monopoly unacceptable everywhere else in life, but it is the best we can come up with when it comes to the law?"

It's not acceptable, which is why we're fighting it in government as well. You don't plan on getting rid of corporations too do you?

These things exist.. Here's the thing.. I'm not opposed to forming governments for limited times to get something done.. Maybe you say. "No, we could do it ourselves!"

Well sure but practically how is that done? It's instinctive for humans to gravitate towards one another and form groups.. only some of us resists that urge. Thinking though that everyone is going to be as independent as you and I may be a mistake. That's where Anarchists fail I think.

They deny a social truth in that.

I'm somewhat of a loner, I don't need others to survive in the grand scheme of things but even I crave human contact sometimes.. even as I push against those urges and feel better if I keep them at bay to a degree I can stand, I can understand that others crave it to a much larger degree. In some, it's in their nature to be led by others, while others have the need to break away from control.

Can we change that to where there is no dependence on government? It would be nice but I doubt it so therefore, people will advocate for others to lead them.

Yada yada.. Maybe you get the picture?

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