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For the same reason

For the same reason landowners didn't want their slaves to be more educated. Its so that factions wouldn't break off and interpret or profit from the doctrine on their own. We have very few gospels that actually predate vatican influence, one of the oldest being the gospel of mark. However the gospel of Mark that does predate this is much shorter than the gospel we have today. some very important factors were left out. like the lineage, the resurrection and other very significant dogmas. I was going to place quite a bit of material here and decided I'm just too lazy to re write it all in my own words but i would like to invite you to a website i found called that has some good information with references about early gospels.
THey translated the book into latin because that was the official language of the new rome. During the council of nicaea when they declared all the dogma to base christianity on, they decided to unite all religions to come under unity of rome's new religion. You are correct in your Statement about not wanting the laity to be able to interpret the gospels for themselves but you need to remember very few could actually read to begin with unless you were educated. It was also very time consuming to rewrite the gospels for everyone to read. Latin was the language the emperor spoke. THe churches themselves hardly had any gospels to preach from it was mostly word of mouth. and their actually wasnt a completed printed Bible availiable till around 1456. The bible or gospels where more of a historic book of minutes so to speak. the real gospel was spoken as most masses couldnt read any language or afford an actual piece of the gospel