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I was talking to my friend the other day and we both agreed that nobody really has a problem with drones per se, we just have a problem with when they use it. Like when they use drones to attack innocent civilians in Northwestern Pakistan. Now THAT I am against! But drones are not illegal per se, they're just another instrument that we have in our military arsenal like a tank or a fighter jet that can shoot missiles.

However, in regards to domestic drones, I just don't see how it can be legal in the U.S. In regards to the debate on WHEN to use drones, I don't see any proper function even for unarmed drones domestically except if they are used for special purposes like tracking down Chris Dorner for a weird example, especially if drones are better at tracking down targets than helicopters. Not sure if anyone would agree, but that's the cool thing about DailyPaulers we agree on 95%, it's just the other 5%, like which emergencies would reasonably legalize drone searches that we differ in opinion.