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There are many cases where

There are many cases where domain names have been found to be registered in bad faith with the result being the loss of the domain name without compensation:

If the current registrant of wanted to sell the domain name for big money he should have NEVER used it in relation to Ron Paul the world famous politician. They should have protected their status as registrant from the beginning.

The current registrant had a choice, to either run a Ron Paul website OR to have nothing to do with Ron Paul the politician and use the domain name in another way. With the latter they would have a significantly stronger argument for both keeping or selling the domain name.

Instead, the registrant tried to both use the domain name in direct relation to Ron Paul and also to sell the domain name to Ron Paul. That is where the registrant messed up. He should have never connected use of the domain to RP and should have waited for RP to contact him with an offer, OR just be a RP supporter, use the domain for that purpose and be happy with that.