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What doesn't make any sense is your reply in any real depth

Nobody has forced the majority of Americans to pick these worst of us.

Run for office? Lay out a better way in practical terms that the average conversationalist can convey? I don't do feel good statements and pretend they are enough for practical applications.

Strip the force abilities from these people and give them administration "powers? only? Make the numbers very limited? Make these small groups of people incapable of benefiting from corruption? Give them no wage? Strip donations from the mix? Make it impossible for any politician to benefit in any way and you'll get people who want to actually serve others.

Make it where people form events "townhall" styled get togethers to address issues in their localities? So that they have more control over their areas?

Make every service possible a pay as you need service?

I have lots of ideas.. What's some of yours?

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