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I do think people should be able to buy Domain Names and sell them "simply because their name/trademark is valuable".

It concerns me NOT that the UN law states otherwise, it is my contention that such laws go against Free Market Principals... Principals Ron Paul preaches about but circumvents when convenient for himself.

It's sad to hear Dr. Paul resorting to such legal rascality... For those of you who defend Dr. Paul as if he were a f*cking Saint and can do no wrong, please get your head out of the Mans ass and consider for the moment that he is NOT PERFECT in every decision he makes. He's a Man... plain and simple... not a GOD, Just a Man... who when opportunity presents itself, is equally susceptible toward using the system to gain for himself at the expense of others.

I love you Dr. Paul, just feel you are wrong about this one... morally. Legally,... I don't give a f*ck... but you are wrong Morally... Period.

Victor Escobar