Comment: These people have ZERO clue.

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These people have ZERO clue.

These people have ZERO clue. NO CLUE whatsoever.

Lisa Wheeler was unable to get because another person with the exact same name, another Lisa Wheeler, was already using the domain for her dance & fitness consultant business. is absolutely NOT a case of another person who has the same name as Ron Paul, so Lisa Wheeler's argument is INVALID. There is NO COMPARISON.

It is also NOT an issue of some business that coincidentally shares Ron Paul's name operating from the .com. is indisputably being used in relation to Ron Paul the famous politician that we all know. The current registrant of that domain cannot undo his choice of associating to Ron Paul the politician.

If the domain registrant wanted to make big money by selling a presidential candidate's name + .com he should have NEVER associated the domain to the politician AND he should have taken other steps to strengthen his position as registrant. This domain registrant has done neither and actually has weakened his case to keep the domain by associating it to Ron Paul then trying to sell it to him.

Ron Paul owns his name/brand/likeness/trademark offline as well as online. That's what this is about. It has nothing to do with one person named Ron Paul trying to take the domain name owned by another Ron Paul as what appears to have been the case with Lisa Wheeler.