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Comment: Yes, I do recommend Culture Jam.

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Yes, I do recommend Culture Jam.

Kalle Lasn's one of my "heroes." Culture Jam is old by now. (You can get a copy dirt cheap But it's eye-opening, remains one of my most recommended books - for things I learned about corporations, but also for his great explanation of how advertising affects us. He's an adman (as I once was, so to speak) who had an epiphany. And he had both the creativity and funds to do a little "anti-advertising." Thing was, he couldn't find media venues to accept his ads. You know, "conflict of interest." Okay, maybe towards the end of the book he goes a bit off the deep end; but given where he's coming from, it's understandable! I recommend it for everyone, but especially parents so that they understand how advertising affects their children. At my children's private school, they didn't allow "word shirts" - clothing with corporate names or logos or anything else plugging an agenda for that matter (even "good" things). They don't allow children be used as human billboards, period, the end. Nor should teachers and other students be subjected to it. P.S. For an enlightening read unrelated to content or advertising but the medium itself, I also recommend the book of another former adman who had an epiphany, Jerry Mander: Four Arguments For the Elimination of Television. Again, thanks for your post.

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