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Off topic...

But easy.

Domestic Police State:

Eliminate all drug and other victimless crime laws. Without an excuse to extract revenue and perform illegal search and seizures, you will see this dry up.

Eliminate limited liability, personhood and other government force based boons. Without government interference, you will see the size of businesses fall to manageable levels and behave in a more responsible fashion. You will see a general increase in the number of business, competition and therefore quality of goods and services.

Foreign War Adventurism:
Eliminate legal tender laws. Legal tender laws coupled with our need to back the dollar by oil creates the need for the dollar to be propped up by foreign wars.

Long Lines At The Airport:
Ha! Couldn't help but throw in one humorous one. Eliminate the TSA.

Shall I keep going? Most modern problems are caused by state interference attempting to fix other problems. Therefore, most issues can be resolved by simply removing the state from the problem at hand.

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