Comment: All you need is for somebody to have

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All you need is for somebody to have

good speaking skills, know the issues, challenge him on his leftist stance on war, and question him if he is for defending America or is Israel his first call. If somebody really had the balls to hit him hard on his continuous desire to place the lives of our soldiers, our tax dollars, and our national security, because Israel can't get along with its neighbors, they could defeat him. Also, question why, since he is a reserve, isn't he leading the troops to combat? It's easy to send others to possible death, but when you know it's your azz on the line for a ficticious threat created by his puppeteers at AIPAC, it would be a very different story. The best way to put him on the ropes is to question him, that if he believes terrorism is such a threat to America then why hasn't he been raging to secure the border, instead of trying to police the world. Tell me Gomer, I think the people of S. Carolina need to know why you have failed to defend our country first? All I ever hear you say is how we must defend Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistans borders!'