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Comment: Video 1, does he even know

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Video 1, does he even know

Video 1, does he even know what "voluntaryist" means? Its an internet word invented by Stefan Molyneux, not the real word "anarchist". They should ask him if he's an anarcho-capitalist. Anyway, take this comment in the context of literally tens of thousands of comments referencing a "return to the Constitution."

Video 2, obviously a throw-away comment.

Video 3, obviously blown out of proportion.

Video 4 irrelevant, not probative of the issue because any minarchist would agree with those quotes.

There you go. You guys are desperate. Why don't you go try to convince neocons to become libertarian or something? Make yourself useful. The only people that care about "minarchist vs anarchist" are you people, everyone else lives in the real world where its a total hell on earth oppressive dictatorship vs free thinkers.

Ventura 2012