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Comment: I got really pissed off when

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I got really pissed off when

I got really pissed off when that happened.

Am I the only one getting more and more suspicious with this? I bet the house was on fire because of a drone strike.

I also was stunned that the officers could search cars that far away from the crime scene. They were searching cars about 10 miles away from the incident. I understand making people leave the immediate area and closing the road if need be; however, where the hell do they get the right to stop the cars, take the keys of the driver, open the front and back doors with guns drawn, and then open the trunk. Who gave them that authority, when did they usurp that? It's like they had martial law in Big Bear.

Also, did anybody notice how powerful all of the cops weapons were. They all had semi autos.

Was anyone else disturbed by the militarized response?