Comment: what did she say????

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what did she say????

" and to invoke God as support for that kind of view."....

Huh? God doesn't support His own words?

The PTB are building their new tower of Babel; the ecumenism is abounding, and the unity of their error is fully known as "the love of money"!

Sad to watch as "leaders" from every Christian adjective come to kiss the ring of government that sustains them and employs them to keep the masses from storming the castke. They will most certainty pierce themselves through with MANY sorrows when the fiat currency abruptly ends, and their fascist handlers leave them out in the cold as they will no longer have any need of them!

I love being an irritant to this....I am not one of these born-again's who is warning people that it looks like they are building the apostate church of the end times prophecy; I am just a born again obeying the command to "occupy 'til I come".

These fools will build this one world church of lies and compromise chiefly for their enablers, the State....but God will have them all in derision...they won't agree....they will serve as true examples of what Christ railed against in Matthew 23...and the hearts of the sincerely searching, will be given ears to hear, and eyes to see that Christ's true church resides in the hearts of men who love His appearing, not material and temporal gains, and the pleasures of this life...

Sad, pathetic, given-over opportunistic vipers of this generation; with their seared consciences and so much praise of men; they don't deceive me....the legislative records of those politicians you suck up to, speaks volumes about the true darkness that resides in your souls...

God used the good Dr. mightily that morning! May the Lord keep him and bless him even more!