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That;s what I thought 40 years ago

That is what I have WORKED so hard to change for 33 years. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to join the GOP in 07/08. I had worked too hard, connected nationally with 36 third parties, worked as Decline to state party, AKA no party preference AKA Indy from 1993 until 2 years ago,

Joining the GOP has been a cake walk by comparison.

I have advanced by leaps and bounds and voted to advance liberty, my committee is not a LIBERTY committee (which is putting what we TALK about here on DP into REALITY).

Why does Ron Paul remain in the GOP and ask us to become delegates, which means taking committee seats?

Why does Ron Paul not quit to GOP?

Why does Rion Paul SUPPORT those if us in the GOP?

How does Ron Paul support those who are NOT in the GOP?

Is talking about Liberty going to achive LIBERTY better than walking or rather MARCHING into the GOP and takling it iver?

It's a damn good fiught and really not for children.

The idiocy is thinking it's up to the children and not doing anything but talking.