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"It's not acceptable, which is why we're fighting it in government as well"

You can't fight monopoly in government, because the government is by definition a monopoly. You can't say monopoly is unacceptable, but also accept a government. It's contradictory.

"You don't plan on getting rid of corporations too do you?"

Corporations aren't inherently monopolies in the way governments are, but corporations are creations of the state, and would not exist in a free market.

"Well sure but practically how is that done? It's instinctive for humans to gravitate towards one another and form groups.. only some of us resists that urge. Thinking though that everyone is going to be as independent as you and I may be a mistake."

People can (and do) cooperate to achieve goals without government coercion. In fact, I'd argue that the results are even better. Private charity is more efficient and more moral than government welfare. Charity has been crowded out by the state, but that could be changed. I don't think everyone is or will be as independent as you or I, but they don't need to be. The division of labor will still exist, and charity/safety nets will still exist. And not to mention, a lot of these dependent people were created by the government, and even in our current welfare state, many people still go cold and hungry.

A lot of the responses against anarchy I hear are: "but if we didnt have the government, x would happen!". But they ignore the fact that x is already happening all around us. Just because you can whip up some hypothetical of how some problem *might* arise under anarchism loses sight of the fact that it is already happening under statism. You are ignoring the vast violence and poverty created by our current system and are focusing on an obscure hypothetical. Tme for another one of my terrible metaphors: this is like if you were trapped in a burning house and refused to run outside because you thought there was a possibility you might stub your toe outside.

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