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He's far from wrong... fact, just as far from wrong as you are knowledgeable about the role of government. Government has few responsibilities, but among them are:

- enforcement of contracts (how we are all enslaved ie. - driver's license, ssn, passport, votet registration, etc.)
- coining of money (there are $350,000,000 U.S. notes in circulation you can utilize these tax exempt notes by redeeming all of your checks in lawful money pursuant to 12 usc 411).
- provide a standing army
- guard against fraud and misrepresentation

By hawking a domain on the cheap in hopes of sticking it to an honest company, you are engaging in fraud and misrepresentation, extortion, infringement on intellectual property, and possibly bribery. It misleads potential customers and can result in a loss of a lot of potential revenue. Try owning your own small business and getting f'ed over by some asshole that makes a living off of f'ing others over and your tune will change right quick. Like an asshole, everyone has an opinion, but at the end of the day the rule of law is all that matters.