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"You make the assumption that the laws would modify his

behavior, yet provide no proof of that."

Actually they might but.. and I know this is a slippery slope.. we aren't talking about curtailing actions that harm or potentially harm just the person.. We're also talking about behavior that puts others at risk.

Some things are more complicated than waving a magical rhetoric wand, ya know?

"You would enforce the law against the other thousands of people for every one of him, that do in fact behave responsibly. So you would victimize thousands, to try and get at the one, who will ignore your laws anyway."

I hardly think having people drive a speed that reduces the risks overall is forcing others or hurting them and surely not making them victims.

Maybe we could do an autobahn. :) When asking this I already had a fix for the problem I was putting forth by the way. Proper for me anyway.. of course that might not work for you because those on the other roads would still have to follow a speed limit. :)

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