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The answer they give for this is that we are training foreign troops to take the knowledge home to their own country. It is not training troops to act here in the USA. A couple of the films are older but I understand it's still going on. The film of Katrina is the way it will be I would imagine........... uh huh

In addition to above film of the Russians being here, wonder if the Chinese are here too. Reason for asking is the peculiar interest both country's leaders seem to have in why we are not yet disarmed! Why is our being armed, a concern of theirs unless THEY will have to contend with it if here for nefarious acts?
Add to that, I read the criteria for UN 'participation' [?], here in case of 'civil unrest', would be that the US forces were to number more than the UN's force. So, if Civil unrest, our troops will [?] work with UN forces which sound as though it will be most certainly Russian and more then likely Chinese, along with small numbers from other UN partners killing the people of the USA.

If the president does in fact plan on calling in UN troops to help in disarming Americans, what is it called when the leader of a country invites the world's forces to fire on it's citizens because said leader has scrapped the constitution illegally? Got to be a name for that!
Some might call it treason.

Our troops are being asked if they would fire on Americans!
Click here: Ben Swann and Dr. Jim Garrow: Military Brass Required to Fire on American Citizens? | Peace . Gold . Liberty