Comment: Then you aren't paying attention to society.

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Then you aren't paying attention to society.

"I hardly think having people drive a speed that reduces the risks overall is forcing others or hurting them and surely not making them victims."

I was not referring to people being required to obey the traffic laws.

I was referring to:

1) People stopped and shaken down on speed traps, or for no apparent reason.

2) People required to pay stacked tickets.

3) People subjected to illegal search and seizure with the traffic ticket as justification. And potentially suffer worse for it. Jailtime, fines etc for OTHER victimless crimes like possession.

4) People suffering license suspensions and legal bills, etc, due to saying the wrong things to cops when getting a ticket.

5) People tazed (or worse) for the hell of it.

6) The people whose tax money is stolen to pay their salaries.

Etc, etc.

99.99. of traffic stops are about trying to generate revenue, one way or another.

So, yes, they are all victims.

It is the single #1 thing that enables the police state as it exists.

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