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You do not understand the issue at hand

Yes, the government is a predatory parasitic entity. But the government is an abstraction - it is real people who rule as the government. Those real people rely on support of the majority (today: affirmative action and welfare recipients + progressive intellectuals & religious collectivists.) Anrachism sounds good on paper, but cannot explain simple things about basic security.

Both religious and socialist-progressives share the same morality of sacrificing an individual to an abstract entity (god, universal neighbor, community, society.) Since both religious and socialists rely on blind beliefs, feelings and sacrifice, government that represents them acts accordingly - sacrifices individuals as well. SOLUTION: unless people adopt Ayn Rand's RATIONAL MORALITY, nothing will work. Free society is not a perfect or problem-free society. Rational people can rationally solve problems as they arise by improving the constitution based on past mistakes. On the other hand, if the majority of people do not use reason consistently, nothing will work long term.