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Comment: Your point that...

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Your point that...

...orthodoxies can be dangerous is well-taken. History is replete with examples of this. I guess the only caution I have is that, as Sonmi-451 in 'Cloud Atlas' said: 'Truth is singular. Its versions are mistruths.' Distrust of those who say they have the truth should not lead to abandonment of the idea that there is an actual Truth.

Yes, let recognition of unalienable rights of Life and Liberty be the vehicle we all uphold, as a way to function in society -- however, not as an end in itself, but as a means to freely discuss, debate and discover what is this Truth, and to try to persuade others of it without fear of being muzzled or persecuted.

I care little whether someone is offended by the Truth, whether they call it an orthodoxy or a heresy. I do care if someone is oppressed in the name of Truth, through authoritarian actions. The key is Love, which in turn lends support to Liberty: "...speaking the truth in love..." (Eph. 4:15) I believe a society that does not have true Love in their hearts toward another -- including their enemies -- will not have true Liberty for long.