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They are nuicances, not troubles. If I ever need help, I'll gmail you.. matter of fact.. I could use some prayer on another issue.. The poster Missy woke me up the other day, offered to support my trip to the CA GOP convention.

I am going.. as elected treasurer of my central committee, I have a vote, and I'm not just going to vote for liberty candidates in the party, bt to network, and my highlight will be "dinner with Karl Rove who is starting a new Victory PAC to keep neocons in and eliminate liberty candidates. I hope to learn what I can, question him and see who's behind this to "turn the tables".

Because of Missy's suggestion, I intend to go to my central committee meeting and asking them to help fund the trip. Depending on how well I do, or rather,, if I do not do well.. I have permission to make a post here and ask for help. I am thinking I would like to make a post that lists the events, the price of the envent and let posters pick what they would fund,, respecting their principles.. and if an event had moe funds.. then let the posters who funded that event decide if I could pit the money somplace else or if it should go to DP.. or someplace else that supports liberty candidates.. or something along these lines.

I am not one to ask folks for help.. and I don't know how tomake that kind of page,, or a chip in kind of deal.. and maybe most importantly, I want to learn what is legal.. how to do this with transparency, and correctly, because I don't want to cause problems for me, DP, anyone.. if I can't do it.. I'm ok.. if I can, I want to do it so it's all above board and honest.

Maybe you know something about this being you created a web page? I hope your webpage is rocking!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND!!!

Blessings to you and yours!!!!