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I took no offense and meant none. This is important stuff!

I have no sympathy for those who promote war for profit.

Men and institutions that use their financial resources to promote looting, destruction and murder for personal gain are common criminals, IMO.

If I have a gambling and alcohol problem is it the casinos fault if the get me drunk and they let me lose all my money?

No elected Federal official can claim more that 30% of the elected voters. 49% didn't even vote. Even if the claim more their is no proof available that they got 30% of the vote.

Minority rule has been the rule for 120 years or more.

Whatever, the bankers do, it will be Congress that throws us under the bus to protect the financing of their schemes and memes.

Dr. Paul keeps asking the question, "What is the proper role of government?"

It's Congress that is sending men to murder loot and destroy. Congress doesn't support our troops. They leave the troops culpable for the crimes they commit by refusing to Declare War.

This is a horrendous problem, I don't know the solutions. The whole world is serving their national debt.

We were free of the global banking monster on the Federal level for a year or two in 1835.

At the same time, the Northern states went deeply in debt to the same bankers.

If we ever can free ourselves again, we would be a beacon for the world.

Right now we are the biggest debt slave in history.

Congress has burdened me with debt of 21ozAU or $37,361 in 2013$FRN.

Every $FRN in the money supply is borrowed at interest.

It only cost the Bankers 3 trillion dollars to invade, destroy and occupy Iraq.

How much would the Bankers pay someone to do a $16 Trillion repo job on the United States.

Congress has put our National Security at risk with it's endless borrowing that it uses to create enemies worldwide.

Peace. Thanks for the conversations.

Free includes debt-free!