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Comment: Meat - Only choose lean,

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Meat - Only choose lean,

Meat - Only choose lean, naturally fed, drug free. If you shoot it yourself, even better!

Milk - Goat is better than cow, but if you can get raw cow milk then that's good too. Fermented milk (e.g., cheese) is best! ANYTHING fermented is best!

We are meat eaters. Homo Sapiens ran animals down over long distances to get their brain building protein fix. Meat protein made our brains BIG, something beans could not do, so thank an animal when you see it.

We are a cancerous and sick society because of sugar and her derivatives. Cancer feeds off the beast.

Moreover, most "civilized" people have stopped running or doing anything that makes them sweat (sex doesn't cut it).

So, in summary, eat clean, drop the sugar, and get to sweating or... head to an early grave!