Comment: Rand has failed

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Rand has failed

to comprehened our laws. He wants to amend the constitution to force a balanced budget. Rand, What is the tender in use for that budget? Would that be the mathimatically guaranteed to fail bank note that is unlawful tender? If you are going to bother amending the constitution how about we amend article 1 section 10 to bring the states into a lawful state of affairs and define a new debt free tender based on our productive capacity? And in this amendment forever prohibit debt based currency being used as tender and define its use as an act of war on the United States and the People? How about we include in this amendment that all debt incurred through fraudulent debt based currency of the Federal Reserve is odious debt based in fraud and infers no obligation upon the people? How about we include a constitutionally unchangeable salary of all elected officials in government in the newly defined debt free currency in order to promote stability? How about we also repeal the 16th amendment remove the IRS and return to our lives of privacy thus keeping the government in line with the 4th amendment? How about we integrate government funding into the structure of the new currency so that NO taxes are required and there is always inherently a balanced budget?

There are so many wise moves we could make but doing any Constitutional Amednments without addressing the tender issue is a fail. Ensuring that the amendment is not worded in a way that could somehow endorse the debt based unlawful tender forced upon us is difficult and dangerous. I do not trust Rand's knowledge of the Law to ensure that the word masters won't play him for fool aka the Wilsonian maneuver.

Rand seems like a prime example of what happens to a man with a run away ego. He makes suggestions of huge efforts that may have really bad consequences.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...